Animated In Your Hypocrisy

| Related | October 22, 2016

(My family is a bit loose with what is defined as ‘too violent to watch’, with my mother and I being horror movie fans. My mom has always disliked anime, and finding any excuse she can to get me to change the TV to something else when she sees me watching an anime that I like. A news site does an editorial on an anime that was getting controversy as being ‘hardcore.’)

Mom: *calling me over with a sour look on her face* “Is it true that [Anime I like] has [Minor subplot in filler episode featuring a serial killer]?!”

Me: “Uh, yeah, sorta. That’s really what you’re freaking out about? That’s not even in the official anime; they left it out when they re-made it.”

Mom: “How can you watch something with that in it? That’s so violent; I don’t want you watching it anymore!”

(I wordlessly look over to the TV where my mother has her favorite zombie show on. Right then it was showing a man being disemboweled while zombies devour him, still screaming. I look back at my mom.)

Mom: *looking thoroughly defeated* “I just don’t trust that anime stuff…”

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