Animal Un-attraction

| Romantic | March 5, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are cuddling on the couch watching TV. We are both zoology geeks and employees of the local zoo. He starts to tickle me, and I squeak and wriggle away under his arm.)

Boyfriend: Aww, look at you! You’re like a little snail! Except without the shell.”

Me: “So, I’m like a slug?!”

Boyfriend: “Uh…crap.”

(We laugh and go back to watching TV. After a bit he starts messing with my hair, and then stops.)

Boyfriend: “Your hair looks pretty crazy right now.”

Me: “I bet it does.”

Boyfriend: “It’s all crazy and poofy. Like a wombat!”

Me: “In the past half hour you’ve compared me to a slug and a wombat.”

Boyfriend: “Um. Maybe I should quit now. Uh. You’re a beautiful…pheasant. No, you’re the most beautiful…peahen.” *sighs* “There are no pretty female birds! They’re all just brown!”

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