Anger Management Therapy For Thirty Cents An Hour

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We have an online pickup program where customers order and pay online and then pick up their orders in-store. A lady approaches the register.

Customer: “I have an order to pick up.”

I verify her name against her ID and go check the cabinet where we keep the orders, but it isn’t there. I feel my heart sink because I know this won’t be good.

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we do not have your order. I will call a manager to the front.”

I call the manager, and the lady tells me:

Customer: “I called the store and said I’d be picking it up today, and they told me it was ready.”

This sets off warning bells because I worked yesterday, and obviously, we don’t have her order. This means she placed it to another store; this is a common mistake because there is a cluster of three fairly-close-together stores in our area. The manager arrives.

Manager: “May I see the confirmation email?”

Customer: *Angry* “I shouldn’t have to do that every time! This happens every time!”

She picks up her phone for a second but flings it back down into the basket.

Manager: “The order was placed to a different store.”

This would have been solidly confirmed by the number on her confirmation email.

Customer: *Clearly not having it* “I only come to this particular store, so why would I place the order elsewhere?”

She finishes her tirade by saying that she is never shopping at our store again, but then she turns around and goes further into the store. About ten minutes later, the manager says on the headset that the lady is making a purchase and to give her the 10% discount she would have had online. 

The lady rolls up with two cans of dog food and I cheerfully inform her:

Me: “I will be taking 10% off because that matches the online deal.”

Customer: *Rolls her eyes* “Obviously.”

In total, the discount saved her about 15¢. I hope it was worth the thirty minutes of anger she went through.

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