Anger Levels Are Elevating

, , , , | Learning | May 6, 2019

(I sprain my ankle quite badly. I go to school two days later on crutches and with a splint on my ankle. My school is a four-story building, so I approach the office about borrowing a key to the elevators.)

Me: “Hi. I sprained my ankle on Saturday, and I can’t really walk on it. Can I have a key for the elevator?”

Vice Principal: “We need to see proof that you need it, and a 500 kr deposit.”

(That’s around $75.)

Me: “I don’t have a doctor’s note with me, and I don’t carry that much money. What do I do now?”

(In Denmark, you can access your medical file online, but only if you have your Internet ID with you, which I don’t.)

Vice Principal: “You can’t have a key, then. Go to class.”

(I managed to get to class on the third floor out of sheer anger. How on earth are crutches and a huge splint not enough proof of needing a key to the elevator? I checked the school’s website, and there wasn’t anything on elevator rules, and we were never told about these rules. I’m still mad about it. Not everyone can suddenly spare so much money, especially when you are a student!)

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