Anger And Resentment All Packaged Up

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(I work in a call center for a retail store. We have a customer call in asking why her reshipment hasn’t been received yet. The conversation ends up like this:)

Me: “Ma’am, I am seeing here that your package is still on its way. It was shipped out on the third, correct?”

Customer: *irate* “Yes, and it’s the fifth. The agent I spoke to last time said it was two days, so why is it not here yet?!”

Me: “Our reshipments are always done through premium shipping automatically, which is two to three business days after one day of processing; it sho—”

Customer: “NO! The last guy said it was only two days. You’re lying to me because you don’t want to help me!”

Me: “I’m afraid the agent you spoke with previously was misinformed. I have the shipping information right here and I can confirm it’s still on its way. I wouldn’t lie to you, and I’m not lying to you. I want to help you get this package.”

Customer: “You did lie, and now you’re arguing with me! I can’t believe you, you a**hole! I’ve worked in customer service for twenty years and I’ve never argued with a customer once, a**hole!”

Me: “I did not mean to sound argumentative; I’m sorry. I did confirm for you tha—”

Customer: *cutting me off AGAIN* “No, you’re an a**hole! Get your manager for me, right NOW!”

Me: “I can absolutely grab my supervisor for you, but I would like to suggest before I connect you over to him that you not be verbally abusive, because if you are, then the supervisor might no—”


(I gladly put her on hold and message my supervisor about this. He says he’ll be free to take the call in about five minutes. I take the customer off hold for just a second…)

Me: “Hello, ma’am, it’s [My Name] with [Company] again. I just wanted to let you know that our supervisor is currently busy, but he will be availabl—”

Customer: “Shut up! Listen, I don’t want to hear you speak EVER AGAIN! DO NOT pick up the phone again UNTIL IT’S YOUR MANAGER!”

(I gladly put her on hold again, and eventually transferred her over to my supervisor. Exactly 23 minutes later, I got a call from a very sweet, old lady who asked to speak to our supervisor about a follow-up. I messaged my supervisor and he was STILL ON THE PHONE WITH THE SAME WOMAN!)

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