Angelic Behavior

| Working | July 12, 2015

(I’m calling another department on behalf of a customer with a seriously messed up account.)

Colleague: “[Department], this is Gabriel speaking. How may I help?”

(The call progresses and we finally get the account fixed, something that has taken the best part of an hour and multiple phone calls to achieve.)

Gabriel: “There you go. You’re all set.”

Me: “Thank you! You’re an angel! I’ll call the customer back.”

Gabriel: “Heh. That’s good.”

Me: “Huh?”

Gabriel: “I’m an angel?”

Me: *pause* “Oh, no! I didn’t.”

Gabriel: “Yeah, you did.”

Me: “I am so, so sorry. It’s one of those things. I say it to everyone! I’m mortified!”

(Luckily he found it amusing but every time I called that department from then on I desperately hoped that I wouldn’t end up connected with him again. I was so embarrassed.)

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