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“And Your Total… Why Are You Unbuckling Your Pants?”

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: HometownJess | May 15, 2022

I’ve been a cashier for over two years now, so I’ve seen all kinds of weird, funny, and borderline insane things happen while working.

Today was super slow until I helped my last customer. He was an elderly gentleman just buying a few small items. I greeted him, scanned his items, and then told him his total. As I waited to see what his method of payment would be, he started unbuckling and unzipping his pants.

I was shocked, so I quickly looked away because what the heck? Then, he quickly started apologizing.

Customer: “No, no, I’m not trying to be indecent or anything! I’m just wearing two pairs of pants and my wallet is inside!”

I slowly started to look back and saw that he was, in fact, wearing a second pair of pants under the first and digging for his wallet. I just laughed awkwardly and he paid and started to leave.

Me: “Have a great night!”

Customer: “All right.”

He responded in the most serious way as if accepting my words as a command.

The strange part was that the top layer of pants didn’t seem to be painting pants or anything like that; they were just normal slacks from what I could tell. Overall, he was an interesting customer compared to the rest of that night. It cracked me up and I think I’ll remember this one for quite a while.

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