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And What A Peaceful Two Weeks It Shall Be

, , , , | Working | CREDIT: AussieGoldenDoodle | June 24, 2022

I was working at a clothing store years ago with no commission. It was the brand’s first store in my area, and I stayed with them for about two years. They were pretty desperate, too, as they hired me on the spot.

All the supervisors I liked ended up quitting and the remaining ones were just plain not nice. I was the youngest on the team and they always excluded me and bullied me. I guess jealousy? I never understood that because, although I got positive reviews and customers made sure to point out that I helped them, we did NOT have sales commissions. I just liked to help, and I liked fashion. I also was in school, and they often called me to cover for people; school was close by, so I could be there fast.

I was always adaptable for them, but this one supervisor just had it out for me. My hours got cut, and they were messing with my mental health. I needed a change. I applied for this other job and I was quite sure I got it. I decided I would book two weeks off work, around the time the start date would be. My supervisor did not even want to let me have the time off, despite it being the only time other than for exams I had booked off in two years — and they were unpaid!

Fast forward to the day before my two-week vacation. I got the job. I showed up at the clothing store when I wasn’t scheduled and asked to speak with my supervisor. We talked. I quit. She was sarcastically happy, but I did not care; I was over it.

Supervisor: “You are still required to work all of your shifts for the next two weeks, and you had better not slack!”

I smiled at her.

Me: “Thank you for acknowledging my work ethic.”

I put my name tag and keys on her desk. She looked confused.

Me: “I took the next two weeks off, so this is goodbye.”

I turned around and left. My mental health has been so much better without her. The store is now closed permanently.

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