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And We Thought “Cheeseburger Without Cheese” Was Weird

, , , | Right | October 14, 2021

Customer: “I’d like a burger with no onion, no lettuce, no pickle, no cheese, no burger.”

Me: *After a moment of pause* “So… the buns with ketchup and mayo?”

Customer: “Oh, and no mayo.”

I have to get the manager because I have no idea if we can even do that.

Manager: “Sir, we do have meatless burgers, if you’d prefer?”

The customer declines.

Customer: “I want the buns with ketchup… Oh, and fries and water.”

After some button-pushing on the registers, the manager okayed it. I’m thinking that maybe this person ordered the bun and ketchup so that maybe they could make a French fry sandwich? It’s the only thing I can imagine at this point.

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