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And Thus An Adult In Need Of Therapy Was Set In Motion

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My parents are divorced. My younger brother and I live with our father most of the time.

One day, my mother bought me a few bottles of apple cider, which my eleven-year-old brother mistook for apple juice. Even after I clarified the misunderstanding, he still kept trying to drink the cider. In fact, I think he was more enthusiastic now as he wanted to brag to his classmates that he had drunk alcohol.

My mother was visiting one dinner, and my brother got a bottle of apple cider out of the fridge and poured himself a cup.

I protested, of course, but neither of my parents spoke up, so I let the matter be.

It was only after I poured myself my own cup of cider that the discussion about our underage drinker came up.

Me: “Speaking of cider, why are you guys letting a certain eleven-year-old boy drink?”

Father: *To Mom* “I thought you would stop him. You’re the responsible one.”

Mom: “Huh? Me? I thought you would stop him. It’s your house!”

Me: “Are you kidding me? I thought you guys would stop him. You’re his parents!”

Brother: *Waves the empty cup* “Thanks for the drink!”

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