And This Is Why They’re An EX-Boss

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I’m the author of this story. About a month after I resign, I get a call from the store’s human resources representative.

Representative: “So, you still have a very small paycheck here…”

Me: “I had direct deposit. How did that happen?”

Representative: “Oh, did they not tell you? The last check is issued as a physical check.”

Me: “No, they did not. So, do I come see you to get that?”

Representative: “I put it at the customer service desk earlier. Just ask whoever’s there for it.”

Me: “Okay. I’ll be in tonight. Thanks for the heads-up!”

I head over after I get out of class and head for the customer service desk. Guess who’s there? My ex-boss, that’s who! She spots me and scowls.

Ex-Boss: “What is it, [My Name]?”

Me: “I’m here to pick up my last check, please.”

Ex-Boss: “Go see [Representative].”

Me: “She said my last check was at the customer service desk.”

Ex-Boss: “It’s not here.”

Me: “Can you look?”

Ex-Boss: “No.”

The following flies out before I can stop myself.

Me: “Wow. Aren’t you a ray of merry sunshine and helpfulness today?”

Ex-Boss: “Go ask [Representative]!”

I head to the office, greet our rep, and make small talk while she looks for my check.

Representative: “I don’t know why she sent you to me. Your check is not here. I know I put it at the desk. Let’s go look.”

We walk out to the front. My ex-boss shoots both of us a look.

Ex-Boss: “It’s not here.”

Representative: “I put it here this morning, right before I called her.”

Ex-Boss: “I looked.”

Me: “Oh, you did not.”

Ex-Boss: “It’s not here.”

Me: “How would you know that if you didn’t look?”

Representative: “I’ll find it.”

She starts digging through drawers.

Representative: “HA! Knew it!” 

She pulls my check from the very bottom of a drawer and waves it triumphantly. She hands it over to me.

Me: “Is that all I need to do now?”

Representative: “Yes, you’re all set. I’ve really enjoyed working with you. Best of luck!”

Me: “Thank you so much! I enjoyed working with you, too!”

I turn to my ex-boss and grin.

Me: *In my perkiest customer service voice* “Have a fantastic day, [Ex-Boss]!”

I have no idea what happened after I left, but oh, to have been a fly on that wall…

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