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And They Graduated Happy Ever After

| Learning | October 25, 2013

(One of my professors and I share a mutual interest in the popular television show ‘Once Upon a Time,’ but she did not follow the second season very well. She is also known for being a joker. The second season has since then been placed on Netflix.)

Me: “Hey, [Professor]! Did you notice Once Upon a Time is on Netflix now?

Professor: “It is? My husband just deactivated the account, though. Maybe I could convince him…”

Me: “You should. I’m about halfway through right now. It’s so good!”

Professor: “All right then; I’ll talk to him tonight!”

(Two weeks later…)

Professor: “I hate you.”

Me: “Wait, what?!”

Professor: “Why did you tell me Once Upon a Time is on Netflix. I can’t stop watching it long enough to grade these tests now! Plus I’m in documentary heaven.”

Me: “I’m… sorry?”

Professor: “You’re fired.”

Me: “I haven’t even been hired yet! It’s your job to teach me the tools so I can be hired!”

Professor: “Then I’ll follow you and make sure you’re fired.”

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