And Then It Hit Me

| West Point, NY, USA | Related | May 15, 2012

(Our infant daughter loves to be patted on the back as she goes to sleep. My husband has just handed her to me and she immediately starts to cry.)

Me: “I don’t get it! I’m the food source. Why does she always cry when you hand her back to me?”

Husband: “You’re not hitting her hard enough.”

Me: *staring blankly*

Husband: “On the back! You’re not…you know…” *mimes patting the baby on the back*

Me: “Want to try that again?”

Husband: “No.”

(Later, I had the baby back to him, and she falls asleep with him patting her back.)

Husband: “See! You just don’t hit her right!”

Me: “You really need to find a better choice of words.”

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