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And The Titanic Sunk In 1997

| Working | October 15, 2013

(I am reading my edition of ‘Romeo And Juliet’ in a coffee shop when the cashier notices.)

Cashier: “Why is the cover funny?”

Me: *bewildered* “It’s my edition from the 1980s. Sorry if it’s a bit scruffy.”

Cashier: “I don’t like liars; you’re not impressing anyone.”

Me: “It is from the 1980s. Is anything wrong?”

Cashier: “You know what’s wrong.”

(The cashier leaves. Later, I am paying at the counter with the manager, when the cashier comes up.)

Cashier: *to Manager* “She’s a liar, [Manager].”

Manager: *confused* “Why would you say that, [Cashier]?”

Cashier: *pointing to my book* “She said her edition is from the 1980s.”

Me: “It IS!”

Cashier: “You’re a liar. And why did you get a book version? Leonardo isn’t even on the cover.”

Manager: *to me* “Unbelievable.”

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