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And The Least Charitable In-Law Award Goes To…

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I am in the spare room sorting out some old bits and pieces that we recently tried to sell — pictures, lampshades, etc. — and getting them ready to donate to the local charity shop.

My sister-in-law and her husband happen to pop round and a face appears at the door.

Brother-In-Law: “What you got there?”

Me: “Oh, just some bits for the charity shop.”

Brother-In-Law: “You should sell them, not give them away.”

Me: “This is the stuff that we couldn’t sell. Besides, I don’t mind if it is going to a good cause.”

Brother-In-Law: “I can take them for you!”

My brother-in-law never volunteers to help and typically never even bothers to engage me in conversation, so I find this a little odd.

Me: “Thanks, but that’s okay. I have to drive past the shop anyway.”

He seems to accept this. I leave the sorting until another day and join them for coffee. They end up staying longer than expected and I run out of time.

The next weekend, I get around to sorting the items again, but I notice many of them are missing. I ask my wife.

Wife: “Oh, [Brother-In-Law] took them while you were at work. I thought you arranged it with him?”

Me: “No, I said I would take them.”

Wife: “I did think it was odd. Weren’t you going that way anyway at some point?”

Me: “Yeah, I was. Bit annoying. Why didn’t he take everything? It would have fit. I still have to go there anyway. Whatever, it’s the thought that counts, I guess.”

We thought nothing about it until a few months later. We popped round their house and noticed a number of very familiar items. My sister-in-law told us how her husband found them in a charity shop really cheaply; he wanted to resell them but she made him put some of them up in the house.

We didn’t say anything, but it was clear that those were our things he took, and he never did give them to charity; it takes a few weeks for items to reach the shop floor anyway.

Annoyingly they don’t even need the money, but if he asked, I would have given the items to him as long as he gave some of the money to the charity he stole from.

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