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And The American Reputation Continues To Plummet

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As far as I know, no store in Canada gives any kind of military discount, veteran or otherwise. We are not as military-oriented as the USA.

I work at a drug store as a cash supervisor. It is my job to cover my cashier’s breaks and make sure customers get as good a customer experience as possible. For those who don’t know, drug stores do not sell tobacco or alcohol products, so the only item we sell that requires an ID is lottery. We also have a senior’s day on Thursday where anyone sixty-five and older can get 20% off. We don’t need an ID or proof of age; they usually just know to ask for it since signs are up everywhere advertising the discount.

It is a Saturday, so no managers are in. I am covering my cashier’s break when a man comes up with a basket full of stuff. I make the usual greetings.

Me: “Do you have a rewards card? And would you like a bag?”

Customer: *Gruffly* “I’m visiting from the US; of course, I don’t have a rewards card with you.”

He doesn’t respond to wanting a bag, so I just start stacking his items at the end of the till.

When I finish scanning his items, I read off his total.

Me: “Are you paying with cash or card?”

He tosses an ID on the counter.

Me: “Oh, did you want lottery?”

Customer: “What? No. I want a discount.”

I think he means the senior’s discount.

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, but we only have a senior discount on Thursdays.”

The customer looks at me like I’m stupid and shoves the ID closer.

Customer: “I’m a veteran, missy. That means I get a discount no matter what day it is.”

Me: “Um… I’m sorry, but we don’t do veterans discounts here in Canada.”

Customer: “Well, they do where I’m from, so you need to honor that.”

I stand there dumbfounded. How does that make any sense?

Me: “I’m sorry, but I have no way to put any kind of discount on your purchase, as it is not Thursday for senior’s day, and we have no promo going on right now.”

He gets obviously upset and red in the face.

Customer: “I want your supervisor. I want you fired. I want a new cashier.”

I blink at him. I can barely get the words out.

Me: “I am the supervisor. And there is no store manager in today.”

The man flips and starts yelling at me.

Customer: “You’re discriminating against me! You must hate the US. I hope we bomb your country next! Canada is such a stupid place with stupid people!”

I just stood there, not sure what to do. People were starting to stare, and I was so freaked out that all I could do is stand there with my mouth open going, “Uhhh…”

Finally, he said his piece and stomped out of the store with his ID and nothing else. I stood there in silence for a few minutes just trying to process what happened. My cashier came back, but I had nothing else to do, so I just stayed on till to help with customers.

A little elderly woman came up to my register to ask if I was all right and said that she had never liked those “hooligans south of the border”. She made me smile and actually helped me put some of the items away that the man had left on the till.

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