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And That’s Why Socks Are Banned At Work

, , , , | Working | CREDIT: viodox0259 | January 16, 2021

I work in a casino. One of my friends who I haven’t seen in years ended up being part of the crew. It was kind of nice to catch up. We never really got along as we grew up because he has a very high picture of himself. He wanted that 10/10 woman, a mansion, and a new Corvette.

Every month or so, we would all go up to another casino to play. I would bring no more than $500, but I couldn’t understand how this guy was spending thousands of dollars at the tables. This went on for a few months.

Well, one day, as we were closing the casino, he and I were in the High Limit room getting ready to close the tables. We were told to take the chips out, count them, put them back, sign this piece of paper, and that was it. As the supervisor was locking the tray, the piece of paper fell to the floor, so she asked [Friend] to grab it.

As he bent over, a great big $500 chip fell right out of his sock. [Friend] was fired immediately, but suddenly, his spending all made sense.

They offered [Friend] a deal that if he replaced all the stolen chips, they would not make it public. Not sure how that turned out.

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