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And Take Your Audacity With You!

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My wife and I went to a chain bar and grill to eat one Saturday at about 6:30. When our name was called, the only table available was a hightop right next to the hostess stand.

The place started getting packed, and soon, the small vestibule was beyond standing-room-only. We’re talking sardines.

We were sitting side by side on the back side of the hightop, facing the restaurant. Out of the blue, this guy pulled one of the stools at our table around to face the restaurant and took a seat. At our table!

Me: “Do you mind getting away from our table?”

Guy: “There’s hardly room to stand over there, and I want to sit down.”

Me: “That’s not my problem. This is our table, and you are not invited to sit with us. Now, please get up!”

Guy: “I’m not bothering you.”

Me: “Well, I tell you what. I’ll watch where you get seated, and then I will come to join you. How’s that?”

He finally got up and walked over to the waiting area, glaring at me for a while.

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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