And On The 40th Day, The Customers Complained

| | Right | May 5, 2008

(It was raining one day and didn’t look like it would be stopping any time soon.)

Guest: “Hi, could you tell me when it’s going to stop raining?”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m not sure.”

Guest: “Well, why not? I came here to enjoy the park, and my family can’t do that when its pouring rain! When will it stop so we know when to come back?”

Me: “Hold on a sec…”

(I pick up the phone.)

Me: “Hi, GOD? Ya, its me, how you doing? Ya, ya…I’m good as you can see. Well you see this woman standing next to me? She’s wondering when you’re gonna stop the rain so she can enjoy the park…Oh, okay. I’ll let her know! Have a magical day!”

(The woman storms off to another cast member and demands to see my manager. I got fired, but it was TOTALLY worth it!)

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  • Trillium

    It’s sad weather forecasts only exist in sci-fi… oh wait!

    And while yes, weather forecasts are mostly fiction, the ones for todays are normally quite accurate.

  • Siirenias

    Please tell me your were fired for making a long distance call.

  • Cparker321

    Amother CM… On this site? Oh boy.

  • Luke Green

    What’d you get fired for? She demanded an answer, you pretty much gave one.

    • Aaron

      Because of HOW OP answered the question. You’re supposed to answer directly and without a hint of sarcasm… hence why I can’t do retail anymore

      • Luke Green

        Something needs to change. If you ask a really, really stupid question, the answer should be allowed to be sarcastic with no consequences.

        • Aaron

          Some people don’t like being sarcassed at, might take business elsewhere.
          Others, their brain just can’t understand it. Not all of those are the idiots on this site, though