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And Now You’re Paying For It, Missy

, , , | Right | CREDIT: mstarrbrannigan | November 19, 2021

I’m working in a hotel. A woman comes to the desk and hands me her ID and her card and I get her reservation started. After I type her name in, it comes up as being flagged “Do Not Rent.” I go back to the window and inform her of this.

Woman: “But I’ve never been here before.”

Me: “The person who checked you in recorded your address, as well as your driver’s license number, after a stay in September of last year.”

Woman: “Well, my boyfriend has been here before. Maybe he used it, then?”

Me: “Does he look a lot like you?”

Woman: “No.”

Me: “Then, no, it’s probably not that.”

Woman: “I don’t understand. The one time I was here, he paid for it.”

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