And Now She’s Immortalized Here At “Not Always Hopeless”

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I work in a call center with several other women, all of them at least 40 years older than me. They’re all incredibly sweet and we get along great. One of them has a lot of health problems and eventually has to carry an oxygen tank around, but it does nothing to dampen her hilarious and eccentric spirit.

One slow afternoon, this particular coworker hands me a Post-It with her signature scrawled on it and tells me that I’ll want to keep her autograph for when she’s famous one day. I laugh and tuck the note away, forgetting it soon after.

Eventually, I leave the company to move back to my hometown for a new job opportunity. A few months after moving, I come back to town for a visit and stop by my old call center. I’m talking to my former supervisor when I ask how the elderly coworker is doing.

She suddenly gets quite somber and tells me that the coworker passed of cancer a month or so ago. I’m devastated. While I wasn’t terribly close with her on a personal level, I’d worked with her for over a year and a half and truly enjoyed her company.

After my trip, I’m looking through some of my old things and I find the sticky note with my former coworker’s “autograph.” I have a small corkboard hanging on my wall, so I pin the signature up there alongside mementos from my old city. It makes me happy to know that she is no longer suffering and that I’ll always have a little something to remind me of her.

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