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And It’s You Again!

| Romantic | April 20, 2016

(My husband can be a bit clueless at times. Currently, he is sitting in the living room browsing on his phone, while I am in the bathroom getting ready for bed.)

Husband: “That is freaky!”

Me: “What?”

Husband: “Are you done in there or still on the toilet?”

Me: “Uh, just wiping… ”

Husband: “Okay, when you get in bed, check the first story on Not Always Related.”

(Once in bed I pull up the site and the first story that shows up is this one.)

Me: “Yeah, what’s freaky about it?”

Husband: “That could have been us! It’s even in Sweden!”

Me: “Uh, yeah… did you check where in Sweden?”

Husband: “Somewhere down south?”

Me: “Mhm, check again.”

(The location in that story is a very tiny village with only a couple of households, my grandparents being one of them.)

Husband: “Ooooh… it is us!”

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