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And I Thought I Was A Baby About Splinters

, , | Healthy | May 21, 2022

A patient calls into the doctor’s office where I work.

Patient: “I have an appointment in a couple of hours, but I was wondering… can you write me a doctor’s note for [three days ago]?”

Me: “I see that your appointment is for a small splinter in your hand. Is it infected?”

Patient: “No. But I called off work three days ago for it, and I’m about to lose my job if I don’t get a doctor’s note! So you have to give me one!”

Me: “You called off work three days before your appointment?”

Patient: “My hand was in major pain and I thought it was fractured!”

I was unable to write her the doctor’s note she was requesting, and she screamed at me over it.

It was just a small splinter, not even infected at all. And it’s not like she’d called to make the appointment three days before and couldn’t be seen until today. Apparently, it was MY issue that she called off three days early and was about to lose her job over it.

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