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And He Was Gone In A Puff Of Smoke

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My work has always been anti-smoking. They have been slowly tightening restrictions over the past few years. This year, they said that everyone has had ample opportunity to quit, so now there is no smoking on site.

With the walk offsite being ten minutes, smokers have to wait until lunch or go without. By the lack of smokers on lunch, I guess most people have quit.

[Coworker] has always opposed the ban and smokes the moment he gets on-site to the moment he leaves it. He always stinks of cigarettes but more so after the mid-morning break, which is odd as he can’t be going offsite.

One day, I get curious and I follow him. Instead of heading for the exit, he heads the other way, past the toilets, and disappears.

Lunchtime comes around and I look around. I realise that there is an old storage cupboard; it’s mostly for first aid so not used.

Being a first aider, I have a key, and as soon as I open the door, the stench of old smoke and air freshener hits me. [Coworker] made himself a nest amongst the supplies; I can see a ring of ash where he sat.

Not only did we need to replace a load of medical equipment, but the smoke alarm had to be rewired as he had torn it off.

He was called to a disciplinary meeting but quit immediately.

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