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And A Bratty Child At That

, , , , | Right | March 11, 2022

Our store manager is a huge man. He’s very kind and wouldn’t hurt a fly, but if you don’t know him, he’s extremely intimidating.

On one of his days off, he comes in dressed in ordinary clothing to do some shopping. As it happens, he is in my line at the checkout, patiently waiting while the customer in front of him is arguing with me about our sale offer. The current offer is to buy one and get another for half price.

Customer: “You’re charging too much! These should only be $10, not $15!”

Me: “The price is $10 per item, so buy one for $10, the second for $5.”

Customer: “No, it’s half price! They should both be $5!”

Me: “No, it’s buy one, get one at half price. You only get one of them for $5.”

Customer: “Yes, half price! $5! Not $10!”

Store Manager: *To me* “He does not understand. Explain as you would a child.”

The customer turns around ready to punch somebody, sees a man a head taller than him and fifty pounds of muscle heavier, and turns back to me.

Customer: “$15, you say?”

He pays and leaves, still looking confused.

Me: “[Store Manager], have I told you you’re awesome?”

Question of the Week

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