An Unwelcome Realization

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(My sister and her freeloading husband have moved in with my parents after being evicted. Even though Dad doesn’t want the husband there and says so, he finally caves and regrets it instantly. Mum finds that her cooking isn’t up to the husband’s standards, she wakes up from naps to find him leaning over her, he takes food from their fridge and puts it in his — they have a small kitchen of their own — and they can’t even have private conversations. My sister can’t even stand being at home with him; she spends most of her time travelling for work, and if she is back she will often sleep at her business. Nothing Mum or Dad do or say will convince him to move out, until he needs to go and “look after” his mother after she has surgery. After a few weeks of her having to do everything for him, his mother throws him out. Much to my parents’ surprise, he starts sleeping at my sister’s business, which has upset her as now she can’t get peace from him.)

Sister: *to my parents* “[Husband] says he isn’t coming back here.”

Dad: “Ooh… Why not?”

Sister: “He says you don’t make him feel welcome here.”

Dad: “Really?”

Sister: “Yeah. You should call him and tell he’s welcome to come back.”

Dad: “Yeah, no. That’s not going to happen.”

(My sister storms out.)

Mum: *to me* “If I knew three years ago that making him feel unwelcome was all there was to getting him out, I would have put more effort into it.”

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