An Unforgettable Encounter

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(I frequent a popular coffee shop near my house. One day, the woman in front of me in line states that she forgot her wallet at home and I, feeling generous, offer to pay for her coffee. Later that week, I go back to the same coffee shop. After I have been waiting about a minute in line, the same lady from days before enters and gets into the line behind me. I order and sit with my coffee to read a book.)

Woman: *at the register* “Oops, I guess I forgot my wallet at home.”

Cashier: “Oh, do you want me to cancel the order?”

Woman: *slightly louder* “I forgot my wallet at home!”

(The cashier cancels the order and asks the woman to step aside so someone else can order. The woman stomps over to my table.)

Woman: “Hey! I left my wallet at home!”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, ma’am.”

Woman: “Well? Aren’t you going to pay for my coffee?”

Me: “No, I am not.”

Woman: “What! Why not? I forgot my wallet!”

Me: “Ma’am, I paid for you the other day as a kindness. I’m not going to pay for your coffee every time you want. I suggest making sure you have money with you the next time you want a coffee. And if you’re having so much trouble remembering your wallet, perhaps you should have your memory checked.”

(The woman stared at me a moment longer, then “hmphed” and stomped out of the store.)

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