An Unfair Fare

| Working | January 26, 2016

(Shortly after getting to work, I realize that my bus fare card has just barely enough for my trip home. With no time in the day to get it filled and a hectic day at work, all I want to do was get home and crawl into bed. So I get on the bus and tap my card, which the machine beeps in response. I go to take my seat.)

Bus Driver: “Stop, you haven’t paid.”

(Thinking the machine didn’t register my card, I tap it again. However, the machine both clearly displays on the screen and by a colored light that I have actually paid.)

Bus Driver: “Not enough money. Go fill it up at the station.”

(Not only is the station across the street and around the corner, but I would have also needed to wait at least another half an hour for the next bus, of which I was in no mood for.)

Me: “Actually, I did pay. Look.” *taps card again, and again gets confirmation of payment*

Bus Driver: “No, there’s not enough money on your card. You need to go get more.”

Me: “No, the machine says I have already paid my fare. See?” *points to display, which very clearly says PAID*

Bus Driver: *ignores machine display completely* “You don’t have enough money.”

(This goes back and forth for several minutes, of which I am getting exceedingly more and more pissed off, as is the line of people being held up behind me. Finally…)

Bus Driver: *in a condescending tone* “Look, I’ll let you ride this time, but next time you should have enough money to pay the fare.”

(I bit my tongue at that point, because I felt like screaming at her “You mean the bus fare I HAVE ALREADY PAID?!”, as well as some other things that likely would have gotten me kicked off the bus anyway.)

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