An Umbrage Too Far

, , | Right | December 5, 2018

(As a student, I have a job at a self-service restaurant. One of the duties of my department is “doing the hall,” which is essentially the task of taking away the dirty dishes people leave on the tables. The restaurant has a conveyor belt for the people to leave their dishes on, but of course we can’t force the customers to turn things in there themselves. Also, many people sitting on the other side of the restaurant aren’t able to find the conveyor belt. That resulted in dialogues like this:)

Customer: “Sorry, do you know where I can find the conveyor belt?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, it’s that way, near the exit.”

Customer: “What? All the way over there?”

(Yes, they really said that to the employee who is obviously walking the same distance countless times every day. Even more assuming is this conversation I have with a big man with a dominant voice, who is putting his dishes on the belt.)

Customer #2: “Hey, I’m not surprised people are leaving their dishes on the tables! That belt really is far too far away!”

(Once again, I’m walking the same distance far more than he is. Also, lots of people sitting nearby the belt leave their dishes on the table, as well, so that has nothing to do with it.)

Customer #2: “Can’t you guys make a cart for that stuff, like so many other self-service restaurants have?”

(The suggestion of a cart wasn’t that weird. Weird was his idea that we should MAKE one, rather than buy it somewhere.)

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