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An Ugly Side Of Society Has Been Unmasked, Part 4

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I realize I don’t have sour cream for dinner, so I decide I’ll pop in and grab some on the way home. I am standing there, considering the sizes for way too long, and I finally get what I need and turn to go to checkout. There is a woman standing there, staring at me.

Woman: “Where’d you get that?”

I think she is talking about the sour cream and I show her. She huffs and points at my face.

Woman: “No, your mask!”

I am wearing a purple raven mask. I love ravens and they’re on my family crest. It’s really pretty.

Me: “Oh, online.”

Woman: *Semi-demanding* “Can I see it?” 

My first thought is to be a smart aleck and say, “See with your eyes, not with your hands,” but I control myself.

Me: “I’m not talking off my mask.”

Woman: *Whining* “C’mon!” 

I decide I’ll use logic on her. That may have been a stupid choice.

Me: “I’m not taking off my mask in public so a stranger can handle it and then putting it back on.”

Woman: *Yelling* “You’re just being selfish!”

And then she grabbed at my mask! The nut tried to snatch the mask off my face! I staggered back and nearly fell into the dairy case. All I saw were flailing arms. I got out of reach and the dairy guy came running over.

The woman kept yelling that I stole the mask from her; she was wearing a paper mask. The dairy guy got the manager there.

She kept insisting the mask was hers. The manager suggested watching the CCTV and she got real quiet. Then, the manager told her to leave and not come back. I got my sour cream. Weirdo.

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