An Ugly Point Of View

| Related | October 20, 2013

(I recently began listening to a band consisting of two members. One is handsome and single, and the other is okay-looking but married.)

Cousin #1: “Do you have a crush on them? Would you date them?”

Me: “Maybe just [Handsome Guy].”

Cousin #1: “Oh, so you won’t date [Okay-Looking Guy]?”

Me: “Well, no, that’s not possible. He’s—”

Cousin #2: “Of course she wouldn’t date him; he’s not handsome enough!”

Me: “No, that’s not why I wouldn’t date him, and that’s a very poor reason to not want to date someone.”

Cousin #2: “But you just said you’d date [Handsome Guy], but not [Okay-Looking Guy].”

Me: “I can’t possibly date [Okay-Looking Guy], because he’s already married, with kids!”

Cousin #1: “Oh. What if it was the opposite? If [Handsome Guy] was married and [Okay Looking Guy] was single?”

Me: “Then I’d date [Okay-Looking Guy].”

Cousin #2: “If I were you, I’d get rid of [Handsome Guy]’s wife, and then date him.”

Cousin #1: “What if they were both single?”

Me: “Then either would be fine.”

Cousin #2: “You’re so weird. Most people like the handsome ones, and would fight for them. Why settle for less?”

Me: “Let’s change topic?”

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