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An Overriding Sense Of Fashion

| Working | October 22, 2014

(I go to a clothing store often enough that most employees know my face. I come in one day looking rough.)

Employee: “Hey, girl, what’s got you down?”

Me: “Got dumped this morning. Didn’t wanna be stuck home and miserable. Got any sales this week?”

Employee: *hugs me* “Girl, you’ll find someone better. Here, let’s pick out a couple things.”

(We went through different shirts, pants, and other things before I decide on a complete outfit. We head over to the register to check out.)

Employee: “Your total is $17.”

Me: “Wait… the shirt alone is over $20…”

Employee: “Well, I did an override and gave it the clearance pricing.”

Me: “What? Why?”

Employee: “You got dumped, that’s why. Hey, go on over to [Chocolate Store] and buy yourself something good.”

(I thank her and leave. I go back a couple weeks later with my new girlfriend. The same employee is working, and I wave.)

Employee: “Hey- Oh my god, is she your girlfriend?”

Me: “Huh? Oh, yeah. She’s been here a bit—”

Employee: “See? I told you that you’d find someone better! Now, what are you two looking for?”

(I’ve been back several times, and the same employee has been happy to see me.)