An Over-Loaded Request

| Working | June 5, 2017

(We are checking out at a big box retail store. It’s shortly after they opened that day, so lines are low and noise is low. Their corn is sold on a flat surface with a plastic cling wrap around it, much like meat.)

Cashier: “Oh, no, one side of your corn is loose!” *to cart-loader* “Will you go grab a bag for them?” *scans corn*

Loader: *stares*

Cashier: “They’re about to lose their corn. Will you go put this in a bag?” *hands him the corn*

Loader: *walks off and returns about ten seconds later with no corn*

Cashier: “Where is the corn? Do you have it?”

Loader: *stares*

Cashier: *notices it sitting on the edge of a trash can* “No, they WANT the corn. The plastic was coming off. Put the corn in a bag.”

Loader: *stares*

Cashier: “Put the corn in a bag, so if the plastic comes off the corn falls in the bag.”

Loader: *wanders off, and returns with the corn in a bag*

(As we were loading the car, we realized he put the OPEN end of the corn at the OPEN end of the bag, so the corn still would have fallen into the car.)

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