An Order Of Wrapt Attention To Go

, | Working | July 9, 2013

Server: “Welcome to [restaurant]. What can I get you today?”

Cousin: “Ok, I would like a ten piece chicken nugget combo, with a medium vanilla [ice cream drink].”

Server: “Okay, what to drink?”

Cousin: “…A medium vanilla [ice cream drink].”

Server: “What size?”

Cousin: “…Medium.”

Server: “Chocolate or vanilla?”

Cousin: “…Vanilla.”

Server: “Okay, what else would you like?”

Cousin: “Four [burgers], two without pickles—”

Server: “Okay, two [burgers], four without pickles.”

Cousin: “No, four [burgers], two without pickles.”

Server: “Well, miss, they don’t come with pickles, anyway.”

Cousin: “Okay, that’s great, then.”

Server: “What else can I get you?”

Cousin: “A chicken wrap, with just chicken and ranch on it… no lettuce or anything.”

Server: “All right, will that be all?”

Cousin: “Yup.”

Server: “Then drive around; your total is [total].”

(We drive around and get to the window. The server hands us a chocolate [ice cream drink].)

Cousin: “Hang on, we ordered a vanilla one.”

(The server takes it back, and we get our food. My cousin takes it and checks the rest of the food. She opens her wrap to find everything she’s asked off of it, on it.)

Cousin: “Excuse me; I asked for this to be just chicken and ranch.”

Server: “Just chicken and ranch?”

Cousin: “Just chicken and ranch.”

Server: *to the cook* “Just chicken and honey mustard!”

(At this point, we give up, although we kind of find it funny. And yes, we did end up getting a chicken and honey mustard wrap.)

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