An Order Of Failing Upward To Go, Please

, | Working | June 3, 2013

Me: “Hi! May I please get the 10 piece chicken tenders meal, with a large drink and a side of gravy to go?”

Cashier: “Sure! Would you like the 10 or the 20 piece?”

Me: “I would like the 10.”

Cashier: “Done! Would you like the meal to go with it? And if so, would you like to upsize it?”

Me: “I asked for a meal with a large drink.”

Cashier: “No problem! Would you like any sides with that?”

Me: “Gravy…”

Cashier: “And is that to stay or to go?”

Me: “I have explained all of this already. It’s to go.”

(Note: there is only one person in the drive thru, and I am the only customer inside ordering. The place is dead, but it still took about 10 minutes for my food to come out. When I check my order, they’ve only given me 8 nuggets, no gravy, and cold fries.)

Me: “Excuse me, but there’s only 8 nuggets. My fries are cold and I asked, and paid for, a side of gravy. Could I please get this fixed?”

Cashier: “Why is everyone so d*** picky?! You’re the seventh person to complain during my shift! And honestly honey, you could honestly survive without the two extra nuggets and gravy. Do you really want to add more blubber to those love handles you have going on there? Come on, get a life and stop pestering me!”

(My order was finally fixed, and I called the manager the next day to complain. He said he’d do something about it, and apologized. I was at the same location today and the same cashier who belittled me had been promoted to supervisor!)

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