An Open Apology Letter To An Unknown Granddaughter

, , , | Right | February 8, 2020

(I’m in a clothing store in a mall just killing some time, looking around, when an older woman comes up to me holding a sweater.) 

Woman: “What do you think of this for a teenager?”

(Honestly, I think it’s hideous. The body is grey jersey knit, while the sleeves are some kind of faux-sheepskin-looking fabric. But, having worked in clothing retail myself, I’m in the habit of not saying anything outright negative about the clothes to customers. Even though I don’t, nor have I ever, worked at this particular store, this habit takes over.) 

Me: “Uh… yeah, I think that could look good on a teenager.”

Woman: “Okay. I’m shopping for my granddaughter; she’s fifteen. You think she’d like it?”

Me: *a bit flustered at this point, just trying to get her to go away* “Sure, yeah, I think so.”

Woman: “Great!” *walks off*

(All in all, it was a pretty harmless encounter, but I’m just shocked that that would be her method for picking out a gift for someone. Lady, if you don’t know your own teenage granddaughter’s tastes well enough to shop for her, what on earth makes you think I, a 26-year-old stranger, would?)

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