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An Odd Ex-perience

| Romantic | July 3, 2016

(When I was a junior in college, I dated a guy that I really, REALLY liked. We broke up due to major differences in opinion on “how far is too far.” Fast forward several years. We both live in different states several hundred miles apart. I am visiting my hometown and I stop in a local coffee shop…)

Me: “Hi, I’ll have an iced vanilla latte.”

Barista: “Sure thing. Your total is [total]. Just step down to the end and we’ll get your drink ready!”

(I step down to the end of the counter. I hear something fall behind me and turn around, where I spot my ex, who I haven’t seen in five years.)

Me: *audible gasp*

(He makes eye contact with me…)

Ex: *eyes widen, face turns white*

Me: *opens my mouth to say something*

Ex: *books it out the door and into his car*

(Thanks. Nice to see you, too.)