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An Invisible Disability

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(My youngest son is three. He has a severe speech disability. By three years old, he can only speak about six words. He is in speech therapy, but it is early on, and he does not communicate well. We are sitting for the neighbor’s kids, aged eight and ten. My three-year-old starts screaming uncontrollably.)

Neighbor’s Kids: “What do you want?” *picking abilities for their video game characters*

Son: “Fes-pa.”

Neighbor’s Kids: *confused* “What?”

Son: “Fes-pa.”

(As my son is screaming and having a fit, I place him in his room to calm down. Two minutes later…)

Me: “[Son], I want to understand. Tell me again why you are upset.”

Son: “Where is my DI?” *DSI, video game console*

(I give him his DSI. My son pulls out a game and pushes a few buttons.)

Son: “Yooka, Momma… See Thor?”

(I see Thor. He pushes another button, and Thor disappears. He turns invisible.)

Me: *realization setting in* “Son, do you mean ‘invisible’?”

Son: “Yeah, Momma.”

Me: *look of utter disbelief*

(Moral of the story: kids are smarter than we give them credit for. Take the time to really listen; they want to be heard! Oh, and, just because they cannot vocalize, it does not mean you cannot be astounded by their ability to communicate, I was!)

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