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An Inv-Asian

| Learning | August 9, 2016

(It is the first day of school and we are in Western Civics class. The teacher is giving a presentation on what the course will be like. There is an Asian-American girl sitting in the front row.)

Teacher: *focuses on the Asian-American girl and starts walking towards her, begins to yell in a booming voice* “ARE YOU A JAPANESE DEGENERATE?”

Girl: *terrified look on her face* “Um, no.”

Teacher: *begins to smile* “Hah! I’m just joking. We like to have fun here, but, for real, are you Asian?”

Girl: *not quite sure what’s happening* “I’m Korean.”

Teacher: *in a very strange voice* “Very good. My wife is Asian, my dog is Asian, my car is Asian. I like Asian. I went to Asia over the summer.”

Me: “How was it?”

Teacher: “Asian.”

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