An Injury So Bad Your Foot Bone Ends Up In Your Neck

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(A customer comes up to the service desk, looking pained and wearing a neck brace.)

Customer: “You! I need to make a complaint!”

Me: “Certainly, sir, what seems to be the issue?”

Customer: “You f****** incompetent s***s spilled juice in one of the aisles yesterday! I slipped, and now I’ve got a f****** fractured metatarsal! You owe me big for this!” *holds his hand to his neck brace and cringes*

Me: “Oh, my! Hold on and let me get you a manager!”

(I summon the manager, who listens to the customer’s excessively loud complaining. He then pulls out his phone and starts typing on it.)

Manager: “So, to confirm I’ve got the facts straight, you definitely broke your metatarsal in the incident?”

Customer: “Yeah! Do I have to slap you with a lawsuit for it?”

(My manager hums softly as he studies his phone. He then leans over the counter and appears to be studying something on the ground around the customer.)

Manager: “Before you do, sir, just answer me this.”

(He turns his phone around to reveal the Wikipedia page on “metatarsal bones.”)

Manager: “Why are you wearing a neck brace when your metatarsal is located in your foot?”

(The customer sputters.)

Customer: “But… I… you… ngh… YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE LAST OF THIS!”

(The customer stormed out cursing.)

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