An In-Console-able Crime

, , , | Right | August 6, 2019

I work at a chain gaming store that allows trade-ins on games and consoles. With consoles, we have to run the serial number through a third-party app to make sure it isn’t stolen. This almost never happens, until today. 

A customer comes in and we go through the usual process. I inform him that we will have to test the console and tell him to return in an hour. I run the serial number through the app and it comes up as stolen. I’m honestly not sure what to do. This never happens. 

My manager has me tell the customer when he comes back that the console is registered as stolen, so he will have to take it back. As a store, we don’t have the authority to confiscate it. He flips out, saying it wasn’t stolen, to which I say that he should contact the police to contest it. 

There at the till, in front of a long queue, he calls emergency services. All I can do is stand there, flabbergasted, as he wastes emergency service time complaining about the console, while the lady on the other end repeatedly tells him he needs to hang up and dial the non-emergency number. 

He left in a huff. Whatever happened, he never traded that console in with us.

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