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An Immature Way To Deal With An Immature Guy

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I am in a relationship where we live far apart, but my boyfriend is trying to find work to transition to live with me full time. There is a regular customer at my place of work who mentions that he has a fabrication studio. My boyfriend is a welder and carpenter, so I ask if he might need any extra hands.

I introduce them, and my boyfriend works there for about a week, putting in long days. In that time, the studio owner tells him that he likes coming to the store where I work to ogle the girls, belittles my boyfriend every chance he gets, and in the end tells him the quality of his work isn’t up to his standards and never compensates him for his time. My boyfriend takes pictures of his work progress and sends it to some of his old coworkers, and they all agree they are solid pieces.

We realize that what I mistook for friendliness was actually him hitting on me, and that he was trying to use the situation to pull some alpha moves.

So, one day I’m at work, up on a stepladder stocking a drink cooler while it’s slow. There’s no one around, so I let out a fart, and it’s absolutely heinous. A real spicy one. A moment later, who should come around the corner but the guy. He acts as if he is picking out a drink, but stands directly behind me almost face level with my a**. I smirk as he starts to make casual conversation and asks how my boyfriend is doing in a snide way. Then, he coughs a few times, gags, and quickly leaves.

Later, I call my boyfriend and tell him how I avenged his honor, which cheers him up a lot. 

Word of mouth spreads from my boyfriend’s work crew about how that guy does business, and now he has a negative reputation in the local industry. I also tell my other coworkers who were swooning over him what a jerk he is, and they are all cold to him from then on.

It may be a small and juvenile victory, but it’s not every day you get to fart in your nemesis’ face!

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