An Icy Start To The Relationship

Romantic | November 17, 2013

(A guy at work asks me out on a date, and since I like him a lot, I say yes. We agree to meet in this new restaurant after my shift’s done. Unfortunately it has snowed, and everything is covered in ice and snow. I get lost, and after driving around aimlessly, I decide to give up and go home. I realize I forgot to exchange numbers, so I can’t call to apologize. The next day…)

Guy: “Hey, where were you?!”

Me: “I’m so sorry about that! I got lost because of the snow!”

Guy: “Well, why didn’t you call me to say that?”

Me: “I don’t have your number.”

Guy: “Well you could’ve asked for it!”

Me: “I’m sorry; I forgot.”

Guy: “Yeah. Sure you did! Just admit that you don’t think I’m hot!”

(Needless to say, after that our relationship quickly fizzled!)

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