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My family had a summer house in a small river town where life is pretty much routine. As usual, we went to our favorite pizza and steakhouse on Friday night. My dad and I sat with our backs to the kitchen, one with a window where you could see the pizzas being made.

My husband and my mother were sitting across from us. Shortly after we were served, their eyes grew wide. Turns out there was a grease fire in the kitchen, and the staff was having trouble putting it out.

A few minutes later, the owner announced that the fire department had been called and we all needed to evacuate the restaurant. All of the customers picked up their plates and walked outside. From across the street, we watched the fire trucks come and put the fire out.

A few days later, my dad went in to pay for our dinner. The owner told him that they hadn’t lost any money that night; everyone had come in to pay their bill just like my dad. The restaurant reopened a few months later after extensive renovations and it’s still going strong today!

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