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An Eye For An iPhone

| Related | October 15, 2014

(I am trying to convince my mother to let me get an iPhone. The phone I currently have is a flip phone.)

Me: “Mom, can I get a new phone?”

Mom: “Why do you need a new phone? Did you break the one you have?”

Me: “Well, it still works, but I—”

Mom: “Then no. If it’s not broken, you can wait till you’re due for your upgrade in three months, and if you just want an iPhone, use you can just use your Touch. It’s the same thing, just without a phone.”

Me: “Okay, I’m going to stop you there. First, I let you borrow my iPod when you went to that meeting in Texas. You spilled coffee on it, and now it’s fried. Second, I’m not asking for a new iPhone. I’m fine with the last one, and then I don’t need another mp3 player. Third, in three months, it’ll be two years since I was eligible for an upgrade.”

Mom: “But—”

Me: “Let me finish. I’ve had my phone for almost four years. The inside screen is taped in place. If you’re worried about costs, you can get the lowest number of texts in the plan. In the past four years, I have sent and received less than 200 texts, 90% of which are from you. I have literally 34 numbers in my contacts, including multiple numbers for some people and the five pre-programmed numbers that I have no idea what they do. So can you at least think about it?”


Mom: “I’ll consider it.”

(I got an iPhone for Christmas.)

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