An Extra Happy Meal

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When I was a small child, I would spend part of the summer with my maternal grandmother. One day, we decided to stop by a fast food joint for lunch. This was a rare treat for me, and I was eagerly anticipating that delicious cheeseburger.

We went through the drive-thru and headed home to eat. Upon opening my kids’ meal, I was very distraught to discover that I had the toy and the fries but no burger. I was in tears as my grandmother called the restaurant. She knew the manager since she worked there part-time.

Less than half an hour later, that manager knocked on the door. He was holding a fresh kids’ meal, complete with another toy and fries. I was thrilled. It wasn’t until several decades later that I realized just how amazing that manager was for taking the time to personally deliver a kids’ meal to an upset child. His kind act has never been forgotten.

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