An Extra Chip On The Old Block

, , , | Hopeless | August 13, 2016

(I’m at the end of a particularly long and draining two days. I’d had a 19 hour, fly-in fly-out interstate trip the day before, had planned on sleeping until I had classes in the afternoon, but had been called into work. It’s now 9 pm and I decide I’m not cooking and stop past a relatively quiet drive-thru for some dinner.  I place my order and make small talk with the server as I’m paying.)

Server: “That’ll be [amount].” *takes my card* “Hey, you look pretty tired. Are you all right?”

(It sounds like something that could’ve been rude, but he said it with concern.)

Me: “Yeah, mate, I probably look half as tired as I feel.”

(We complete the payment and I think nothing of it. I’m waiting for the food for a few minutes, and the server comes and hands me the food and leans out the window.)

Server: “Sorry it took so long. I had them do you up a fresh batch of chips. And just be careful; I gave you a bit extra, so the box isn’t shut properly in there.”

(I thanked him as best as I could in my tired state. It wasn’t much but it made my whole day.)

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