An Exquisite Exercise In Patience

, , , | Right | July 8, 2020

I work on an American cruise ship selling very high-end jewellery up to around $300,000. I am English.

It is a full day at sea and two elderly women come into my store and start looking at the jewellery. I make small talk with them about their day and cruise and ask them if they want to see some of the jewellery.

Guest #1: “Oh, yes, we would love to look at the jew-ell-ery.”

They sound excited at this prospect. I get out a necklace and put it on [Guest #1].

Guest #2: “So, tell us about this jew-ell-ery.”

I proceed to tell them where it is made, who it is by, etc. They keep asking more and more questions, like the gold, the weight, the carat, etc. Then, they start to look at other collections, too, to which I oblige. 

They do this every day for about four days — without ever buying anything. I am getting a little frustrated as they seem really happy, and they smile at each other a lot and seem really keen, even repeating me to make sure they understand what I am saying.

It isn’t until I am on my break and overhear them on the way to my cabin:

Guest #1: “She can’t really be English; I am sure she is South African, maybe Australian. Do the English even say ‘exquisite’? Isn’t that French?! I bet that’s French. Maybe she is French! Just listen to her next time. I think I will pretend to buy pearls tomorrow and see if she says it again! I don’t care where she is from; I just love her accent! It is adorable! I don’t understand her, but I do like to listen to her talk! She sounds so funny!”

They did indeed come in the next day and ask to look at the pearls. They still never bought anything… and still asked me lots of questions about every piece.

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