An Explosion Of Bad Taste

| NY, USA | Friendly | September 18, 2015

(It is May 1995 and I am going through MEPS, on my way to boot camp. I am placed in a hotel room with another woman who is going through processing. While chatting, she mentions her husband and that he is former military.)

Woman: “He really pissed off the people at the federal building last month.”

Me: “How’d he do that?”

Woman: “He threw on one of his old military shirts without really considering what it said. He couldn’t figure out why everyone was glaring at him, until he looked down at his shirt.”

Me: “What was on it?”

Woman: “‘When it absolutely positively has to be blown up yesterday.’ It was April 20th…”

Me: “The day after the Oklahoma City bombing?”

Woman: “He felt like such a jerk!”

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