An Energy Explosion

| Poolesville, MD, USA | Friendly | March 8, 2017

(I have ADHD and I have been known to use caffeine as a booster to my meds, especially in the weeks leading up to a dosage change. On this morning I have brought a full liter of Mountain Dew and a can of Red Bull to school.)

Me: *walking into class with beverages in hand* “Hey, what’s up?”

Friend: “Dude, are you seriously gonna drink both of those?”

Me: “Even better.” *proceeds to chug half the Mountain Dew*

Friend: *gives me a look of horror*

Me: *walking over to trashcan to pour Red Bull into the Mountain Dew*

Friend: “Dude, what are you doing?!”

Teacher: *only vaguely aware of what’s going on* “Is it going to explode?”

Friend: “No, but [My Name] is!”

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